Flawless quality assurance for IP law

Patent Editing Solutions, LLC, is a boutique editorial bureau specializing in utility patent editing

Patent Editing Solutions, LLC

Lorem IpsumPES, a boutique editorial bureau, lends excellent quality control and quality assurance services through patent application proofreading, editing, rewriting, and reviewing. We provide flawless patent application documents.

Highly specialized IP editors

Patent Editing Solutions, LLC, is practiced exclusively in editing utility patent applications. Our editors serve intellectual property law firms, in-house counsel at corporate interests, commercial legal departments, startup companies, and independent inventors across all sectors.

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Chemical Patents

We service chemical patents across all sectors, including the petroleum, plastics, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

Mechanical Patents

We lend expertise in mechanical patents across all industries, including automotive, agricultural machinery, transportation, and aerospace.

Electrical Patents

Our quality benefits cover medical device, telecommunications, software, and personal and commercial electronics interests.

Legal Documents

Our editors review legal documents outside intellectual property. If your firm has additional quality assurance needs, please contact us.


Safeguard your firm's prestige

Quality patent applications result in more than time and cost savings—quality's worth in corporate image and service reputation is invaluable. Safeguard your company's brand by championing quality assurance in your IP prosecution. Protect your clients' intellectual property; protect your company's prominence and prestige.

Impeccable pass-along product quality

Our editorial quality builds flawless patent applications—and those products surge your company's value proposition and brand advantage. Patent Editing Solutions' craftsmanship in quality assurance is a value-added service you can provide your clients.

Powerful time savings

Our services effectively reduce your company's time and resource expenditures—from internal editing and internal reviews to needless Office Action responses and potential time in a courtroom during litigation.

Substantial cost savings

Our services save your company money—from client costs to expenses for potential intellectual property litigation. Look at Altera Corp v. PACT XPP or Smith v. ORBCOMM to see how claims can be rendered indefinite by improper antecedent basis and how a simple typo can result in a day in court.


Bryan Nyary, LLM, MBA
Patent Editing Solutions, LLC
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